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Back to RISD!!! (at Rhode Island School of Design)

Back to RISD!!! (at Rhode Island School of Design)

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Gaela Display by Letra Type.

Galea is a slightly condensed serif typeface with long extenders. Its elongated proportions and graceful terminals seek to bring femininity and elegance to any layout. It is a display face that works well at large sizes in editorial contexts as a headline, titling or introduction to a text. Galea was designed by Isabel Urbina Peña while at Cooper Union’s Type@Cooper Extended Program, 2012 and released on May, 2014.

Get it here: http://myfonts.us/W2TH6W

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Charbaut, Machinery – Épures, 1806. The drawing was part of the course-work at the École polytechnique in Paris. Online via Getty Museum and tumblr greetings to thegetty​.

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Ortodoxa by Monograma.

‘Orthodox’ means following or conforming to the traditional or generally accepted rules or beliefs of a practice. That is the same principle of Ortodoxa, a typeface that holds to the tradition of sans-serif without the aim of innovation but rather seeks for a fresh look at conventional letterforms. Inspired by modern geometric typography, this versatile family stands for cleanness, neutrality and, most important, legibility. It is well-suited for paper or computer screens.

Get it here: http://myfonts.us/QAdlLS

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Headed back to New England! #packing #moving #school #type  (at Baltmore Maryland)

Headed back to New England! #packing #moving #school #type (at Baltmore Maryland)

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NEA Chair Jane Chu Visits RISD →



Jane Chu enjoyed a brief tour of selected highlights at RISD.

Yesterday, August 18, leaders of the RISD community welcomed several special guests to campus, including Jane Chu, recently appointed chair of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), US Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) and

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