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NEA Chair Jane Chu Visits RISD →



Jane Chu enjoyed a brief tour of selected highlights at RISD.

Yesterday, August 18, leaders of the RISD community welcomed several special guests to campus, including Jane Chu, recently appointed chair of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), US Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) and

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Leichner’s catalogue, Make-up for Stage and Screen, 1938. London. Source 

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Brix Sans by HVD Fonts (80% introductory offer).

The publisher HVD typefoundry is releasing a very professional font: Brix Sans. I love this kind of released because I know it will be a great hit on sales, within two days is currently on the Hot New Fonts on myfonts store

It took Hannes von Döhren and Livius Dietzel two years to develop and complete the Brix Sans family – the companion of the well-known Brix Slab. The approach was to design an independent type family following the rules of the “Sans-Serif” genre, harmonizing with its older sister Brix Slab from the “Slab-Serif” genre. The result is a family of 6 weights with matching italics, which works perfectly for corporate design & editorial design. Combined with Brix Slab, high and complex typographical challenges can be solved.

The Brix Sans OpenType fonts feature small caps, five variations of numerals, arrows and an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European language

See the full details here: http://myfonts.us/J8FtcK

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Bookmaking for Designers by Huong Le

(Source: behance.net)

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Spinto es una tipografía mexicana inspirada en los antiguos anuncios publicitarios italianos de los años 1890-1920. Como base principal se extrajeron rasgos de la fuente Bodoni, haciendo una fusión entre las terminaciones serif didonas con las terminaciones transicionales como Baskerville. Las gotas de algunas letras se acomodan empujando a las astas creando una característica especial. El alfabeto incluye minúsculas, mayúsculas, números y símbolos. La función principal de esta tipografía es de uso display en grandes formatos.

Spinto is a mexican typography inspired by the old Italian advertisements for the years 1890-1920. As principal base Bodoni font features were extracted, by merging old didones with transitional serif like Baskerville. The terminal of some letters are arranged pushing the stems creating a special feature. The alphabet includes lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols. The main function of this font is used in large-format display.

(Source: behance.net, via typographie)

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Siang Ching: Tangible Paper Infographics

Siang has posted great photographs that show details of these dimensional info-graphs, as well as how she constructed them from simple and colorful materials. 

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